We provide assistance and carry out electronic and mechanical repairs on feeders and accessories for the textile industry. Our company is committed in its work to obtain quality finished products.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority.

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Repair including general review of LGL feeders
Repair including general review of ROJ feeders

Complete assistance, repair and overhaul of the following: ROJ – IRO – LGL.

All our repairs are carried out by completely overhauling the weft-feeder.

The weft-feeder is disassembled in all its mechanical and electronic parts. Subsequently an accurate diagnosis of the problem is performed and after having repaired the fault, our expert technicians proceed with the reassembly of the parts taking care of each step with adequate cleaning and lubrication.

Finally all the pre-feeders are tested in special test benches.

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To ensure extra security for our customers and to better meet their needs, we include in our repair and revision offe
4 months warranty!

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Repair boards for feeders
We carry out repairs of feeder cards of type: ROJ – LGL – IRO.

Below we mention some of the repairs we carry out:
ROJ Dart Karl Mayer – Chrono Power Box X2 – ROJ Quarz Plus – ROJ Chrono HS – Roj Dart – LGL Tecno – LGL Progress and other types of boards.
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Completely new feed box for ROJ-type weft feeders
Power box compatible with AT1200 / Quarz /
Quarz HT / Dart / Chrono /
Chrono HS
Possibility of choosing from 2 to 8 positions with circular connectors
Sensor wire PKD-3 O PKD-1/2

The sensor model PKD-3 or PKD-1/2 acts as a control for wire breakage. It can be used in multiple applications, specifically, where there is a need to check threads and filaments. It can be applied on rockers, warpers, creels, etc ...

-        The sensors are equipped with double attachment to simplify the application. They can be positioned with the shock absorber attachment vertically or horizontally as shown in the images on the left.
- The side switch allows the activation and deactivation of the sensor.
- For applications special there is the possibility to install a sensitivity regulator and a regulator of signal delay for wire breakage.
In this way, better sensitivity performances are obtained by calibrating the sensor according to the type of yarn; there is also the possibility of delaying the detection of wire break detection according to your needs.

PKD-1/2 differs from PKD-3 in the speed of wire insertion.


The appropriate ceramic has an upper slot that allows the insertion of the wire from above.

The PKD-3 DART sensor has been designed to work on the ROJ DART weft feeder for 8-head Karl Mayer warping machine.

We withdraw used

We withdraw working and non-functional feeders. Send us a request to collect your feeders and we will make an assessment based on the conditions. Click below to contact us and request more detailed information.